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SWISS VIRTUAL CAMPUS DAYS – October 16th and 17th 2007, Berne

Promoting Excellence in eLearning

Meeting the Challenges of Successful Transfer

Program Flyer: SVC-DAYS-2007.pdf (PDF 105 KB)

SVC Coordination Team

Bea bern expo Conference Centre, Berne
Mingerstrasse 6
CH-3000 Bern 22


Tuesday, October 16th 2007

09:30 Registration
Opening Session
Prof. Dr. Marcel Jufer, EPFL, President Steering Committee SVC

Prof. Dr. M. Jufer, Slides (pdf) and
Dr. med. P. Frey, Slides (pdf) | Video

Welcome Address
Dr. Med. Peter Frey MME, University of Berne, Head of CCSP VC-Supportzentrum


Identifying the Challenges for Institutions of Higher Education
Prof. Dr. Dieter Euler Swiss Centre for Innovations in Learning SCIL, University of St. Gallen

This presentation provides an overview of the main challenges for successfully tackling the transfer
phase of eLearning. The challenges will be structured from a national, institutional and project perspective. Furthermore, a sustainability framework including strategy, pedagogy, technology, organisation, economics and culture will be applied in order to emphasize the main challenges for successfully disseminating eLearning.

Prof. Dr. D. Euler, Slides (pdf) | Video

The Scope of the SVC Days 2007
Christian Hohnbaum, Coordinator Swiss Virtual Campus

SVC Projects: Opening of the Poster Session
Christian Hohnbaum, Coordinator Swiss Virtual Campus

Mr. C. Hohnbaum, Slides (pdf) | Video

CCSP Presentation (pdf)

12:00-13:30 Lunch  

SVC-Contribution to Successful Transfer

The SVC strongly promotes the successful transfer of eLearning results and expertise through a portfolio of different initiatives. In this session, an overview is provided on the available approaches to transfer, such as the initiative of the national eLearning Hub with the integration of the CCSP.

Prof. Dr. Urs Gröhbiel, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Member Steering Committee SVC
Dr. Martin Sutter, Head of NetServices, SWITCH, Zurich

Prof. Dr. U. Gröhbiel, Slides (pdf) and
Dr. M. Sutter, Slides (pdf) | Video


Meeting the Challenges at Swiss Institutions of Higher Education

Swiss institutions of higher education have to manage transfer issues in order to ensure the sustainable quality of their eLearning products, services, and content at their institutions. Two institutions share their different lessons learned and their plans for the next few years.

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Plattner, Vice-Rector for Bachelor/Master studies, ETH Zurich
Anne-Dominique Salamin, Head of the CCSP of the HES-SO, Cyberlearn
On behalf of the President of the HES-SO, Marc-André Berclaz

Prof. Dr. B. Plattner, Slides (pdf) | Video and
Mrs. A. Salamin, Slides (pdf) | Video

15:00-15:30 Coffee Break  

European Approaches for the Sustainable Integration of eLearning

This presentation addresses the question of how foreign countries are meeting the challenges of the successful transfer of eLearning. Speakers from Austria and Sweden will share their lessons learned in managing the eLearning transfer phase. The talks will cover the main challenges, good practice examples
and solutions from their countries.

Per Westman, PhD Senior Adviser Swedish Agency for Networks and Cooperation in Higher Education NSHU, Sweden
Dr. Bernd Kleimann Deputy head of the sub-department «Research and Teaching Management», «Higher Education Development», Higher Education Information System (HIS), Germany

Mr. Per Westman, Slides (pdf) and
Dr. B. Kleimann, Slides (pdf) | Video

eLearning: a Top Management Priority?

One of the biggest challenges for higher education institutions is to estimate the role and importance of eLearning for future teaching. This also leads to the question of which strategies for the implementation of eLearning should be chosen and promoted in Higher Education.

Panel Discussion with Rectors and Presidents of Swiss institutions of higher education:
Prof. Dr. Richard Bührer, President FHNW; Prof. Dr. Piero Martinoli, Rector USI; Prof. Dr. Anik de Ribaupierre, Vice-Rector UNIGE; Prof. Dr. Guido Vergauwen, Rector UNIFR

Chair: Prof. Dr. Marcel Jufer EPFL, President Steering Committee SVC

Prof. Dr. R. Bührer,
Prof. Dr. A. Ribaupierre,
Prof. Dr. G. Vergauwen,
Prof. Dr. Lorenzo Cantoni and
Prof. Dr. M. Jufer | Video

The Role of Learning Technologies in the next few years

It is very difficult to see which new technologies should be used for learning and how they should be used in order to improve the quality of teaching and learning at HEI as the ultimate goal. This presentation
looks at a possible research agenda in the field of learning technologies and whether Switzerland will be able to use the potential of eLearning in a competitive Higher Education market.

Dr. Patrick Jermann, CRAFT, EPFL

Dr. P. Jermann, Slides (pdf) | Video

The Importance of eLearning on the Political Agenda

With regard to future funding of eLearning, it is unclear how the modernization of teaching and learning
could be supported in the future. This presentation provides some insights regarding this question.

Dr. Nivardo Ischi, Secretary general, Swiss University Conference

Dr. N. Ischi | Video
17:40 Apéro  
20:00 Dinner  

Wednesday, October 17th 2007


Opening of the Workshops
Last Open Forum of the SVC Programme to Shape Mutually the Future of eLearning in Switzerland.

Prof. Dr. Urs Gröhbiel University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Member Steering Committee SVC

Prof. Dr. Urs Gröhbiel, Slides (pdf)


Designing the Swiss e-Hub

National Learning Object Repository
Functionality and Use Cases.
Chair: Christian Rohrer, SWITCH; Dr. Rolf Brugger, SWITCH

Dr. Rolf Brugger and
Christian Rohrer, Documents

Community Building
Discussing Community Needs and Services after SVC
Chair: Dr. Martin Sutter, SWITCH; Dr. Andrea Helbach, CCSP ZFH;
Dr. Med. Peter Frey, CCSP UNIBE

Dr. Martin Sutter,
Dr. Andrea Helbach and
Dr. Med. Peter Frey, Slides (pdf)

Developping eLearning Quality in Switzerland
Discussion of possible Corporate Instruments of Quality Development (a Swiss eLearning Label for example?)
Chair: Prof. Dr. Sabine Seufert, SCIL, Christian Hohnbaum, SVC

Prof. Dr. Sabine Seufert and
Christian Hohnbaum, Slides (pdf)

Further Financing for eLearning Development and Research: SNF, KTI, EU-Funds
Chair: Dr. Christine Poupa, Euresearch St.Gallen


Dr. Christine Poupa, Slides (pdf)


10:45-11:15 Coffee Break  

Presentation of the Workshop Results, including Feedback from Representatives of KFH and CRUS

Chair: Prof. Dr. Urs Gröhbiel, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Member Steering Committee SVC

Workshop leaders

Presentation of the Workshop Results
Chair: Prof. Dr. U. Gröhbiel, Slides (pdf)| Video


Prof. Dr. Marcel Jufer, EPFL, President Steering Committee SVC

Prof. Dr. M. Jufer, Slides (pdf) | Video
12:45 Networking lunch, open-end  
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