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  Dealing with natural hazards
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SLF Davos – ETH Zurich (Project Leader),
Berne, Freiburg, St. Gallen and Zurich Universities,
ETH Lausanne, ETH Zurich

Our densely populated living space increasingly encroaches on areas exposed to dangerous natural processes. A broad-based knowledge of earth sciences and socio-economic matters is required to cope with the associated risks.

"Dealing with natural hazards" is an e-course offering basic and continuous interdisciplinary training for specialists. The five modules focus on the following main themes: Basics; Hydrological and Meteorological Hazards; Geological Hazards; Vulnerability of Property and Socio-economic Systems; and Integrated Risk Management for all Natural Hazards.

Findings of current research are incorporated directly into the virtual classroom. The course also prepares students for collective tasks in the field. It is conducted mostly in English.

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