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Swiss Virtual Animal Pathology

Project ID: 4013
Project homepage:

Project Leader

Dr. med. vet. Andreas Pospischil
Institute for Veterinary Pathology
University of Zurich
Winterthurstrasse 190
8057 Zurich

Project Coordinator

Project Partners

Dr. Prof. Maja Suter
Institute of Animal Pathology, University of Berne
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Langhans
Institute of Animal Sciences, ETHZ


The teaching of veterinary pathology is heavily image dependent, didactically best taught in a highly interactive manner. The "New Curriculum Veterinary Medicine“ now demands an even more active student participation, with at least 20% of their study time devoted to individual study. To meet these needs for undergradute students, and those of advanced students studying for European Board qualifications, we aim to take a significant step further and build on the strengths of the Doit platform to develop a new integrated online elearning platform in veterinary pathology. In addition students of Animal Sciences (ETHZ) will profit from the elearning platform and based on this cooperation a common Master`s programm will be initiated. The platform will have three major areas: lectures accompanying modules, a veterinary pathology trainer for student self study and an expert forum for communication.

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