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Dentistry meets e-learning

Project ID: 4010

Project Leader

Prof. Dr. Roland Weiger
Clinic for periodontology, endodontology and cariology
Universität Basel
Hebelstrasse 3
4056 Basel

Project Coordinator

Project Partners

Prof. Dr. Ivan Krejci
Departement TERBO, Division of Cariology and Endodontogy, University of Geneva
Prof. Dr. Peter Hotz
Clinic for dentistry, University of Berne


E-learning is an innovative teaching tool and has not yet been introduced to the study of dental medicine in Basel. The project presented here pursues three principal purposes for students of dental medicine: 1. Adjustment of the clinical formation of the students to the needs of the daily work in a private dental practice; 2. Introduction to scientific work like preparation of a thesis; 3. Direct support of the study. The conversion of these targets is planned in form of three modules: 1) Support of the theoretical fundamental studies (Sem 1-4). The networking of theoretical basic knowledge with the clinical request is to be practiced on the basis of PBL cases. 2) Support of the preclinical practical study (Sem 5 u. 6). Multimedia presentations concerning different clinical situations are given to support the practical training with phantom units. 3) Support of the clinical study, and training of independent work as a general dentist, and preparation of a thesis (Sem 7-10). In the sense of a learning spiral complex clinical cases are discussed among students or with the assistants on-line over an online forum or face to face. Furthermore assistance is offered in case of creating scientific work.

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