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Clinical Immunology Online: From organ to disease

Project ID: 4067

Project Leader

Prof. Jean-Pierre Krähenbuhl
EuroVacc Foundation
Université de Lausanne
1066 Epalinges

Project Coordinator

Project Partners

Prof. Giuseppe Pantaleo
CHUV, University of Lausanne
Prof. Didier Trono
Faculté des Sciences de la Vie, EPFL
Prof. Jürg Schifferli
Department of Medicine, University of Basle
Pascal Py
EuroVacc Foundation


Immunology online-Clinical is devoted to medical students who are in the midst of medical studies and to practicing physicians. This online course covers six core categories of immunological diseases including inflammation, immunity of infectious diseases, tumour immunity, autoimmunity, immune deficiencies and allergy, and two modules of immunologic therapy about vaccinology and transplantation. Course modules are accessible through case studies, article reading and diseased organ-based concepts. Immunology online-Clinical makes seamlessly cross-reference to our prior Immunology online-Basic course describing the immune system and the fundamental principles that govern all immune responses. This highly integrated approach shall help medical students and practitioners alike to achieve a more complete knowledge of the interplay between the immune system and its associated disorders.

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