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Online Education in Addiction Medicine

Projektnummer: 4046


Prof. Jacques Besson
Université de Lausanne
Rue St-Martin 7
1003 Lausanne


Chantal Bochud Tornay
Université de Lausanne
Rue St-Martin 7
1030 Lausanne


Dr. Barbara Boers
Département de Médecine Communautaire, University of Geneva
Dr. Dominiue Eich-Höchli
Sozialpsychiatrische Dienste, University of Zurich


Context: Use of psycho-active substances (tobacco, alcohol, illegal substances) and addiction are a major problem of public health. Physicians have an important role to play in the screening, early intervention and treatment of addiction related disorders. However, physicians often do not feel well prepared for this, mainly due to a lack of pregraduate education in the field of addiction medicine. It is only recently that medical faculties have realized how important it is to improve education in this field. Analysing the needs: A study (see § 1.a below) conducted in 2002 at the University of Lausanne has shown the need for acquiring expertise, updating knowledge and enlarge education in this field Aim of the project: the main objective of Form@tox is to answer these needs by introducing teaching modules encouraging problem-based learning and the development of role models throughout the pregraduate curriculum as well as in postgraduate and continuous education.

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